Mail Merge with MS Office


Prepare Recipients List



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  1. You should store all of the recipient’s information in an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. The first row of the spreadsheet should contain headings such as First Name, Last Name, and Email Address
  3. Each recipient’s email address must be in a column by itself without the full name, angle brackets, quote marks, or other special characters.
  4. Each recipient’s information must be listed on a separate row.






Set up your e-mail message


The following instructions relate to Microsoft Word 2010. If you are using a different version the steps will be similar but there may be slight differences between what you see and the images in this post.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and select the ‘Mailings’ tab. Click ‘Start Mail Merge’ and select E-Mail Messages.



The Mail Merge task pane appears.


     2. Select Recipients by clicking Use an existing list, click Browse to locate and choose the recipient list you saved in Excel.

     3. Write your e-mail message in Word. To customize the contents of your message with information from your spreadsheet

          3.1 Position the cursor where you want to insert the data.
          3.2 Switch to the Mailings ribbon.
          3.3 Click on the Insert Merge Field menu and select the field containing the data you want to insert.

     4. Save the body of the email message the same way you would save any other Word document.




Send the email messages


  1. Switch to the Mailings ribbon.
  2. Click on the Finish & Merge menu and select the Send E-Mail Messages option.
  3. From the To drop-down menu, select the field containing the email address of each recipient.
  4. In the Subject text box, enter the subject line used for the email message.
  5. From the Mail format drop-down menu, select the HTML option.
  6. Click on the OK button to send the messages.
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