Apple Mail on Mac OS Known Attachments Issue

Apple Mail has a unique "in-line" approach to sending attachments.  This can sometimes present challenges to the recipient as these in-line attachments behave differently than expected within email clients.  The in-line approach also affects SenderGen's ability to track attachments.  

A permanent fix is documented on our road map, but in the mean time, we've found an app that get's the job done.  Attachment Tamer ( can be used to ensure that Apple Mail for OS treats attachments like any other mail client, and will enable you to utilize SenderGen's Attachment Tracking.  Here's what to do:

  • Download and install the app from
  • Open up Apple Mail and click Mail > Preferences > Attachments > Advanced
  • Under Composing and Sending, check the box "Send regular attachments only (no embedded images)."  See below:


                 ATT Tamer

Once this app has been installed and the settings updated, attachments will behave as they do in any other mail client, and SenderGen's attachment tracking will be enabled.

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